When you need an expert estate lawyer to handle your Will or Estate Administration in North Brisbane, trust A.D.S. Lawyers to help you provide the best protection for your loved ones after you go.

Our offices are located in Stafford, in Brisbane’s inner North.


When it comes to handling your Will or Estate Administration, it’s important to ensure your intentions are made clear, regardless of how simple or complicated your circumstances.

We also handle these key areas as part of your Estate planning needs:

• Guardianship

• Powers of Attorney

• Advanced Health Directives

• Superannuation Death Benefit Nominations.




Your Will and the Will of your Loved Ones can be (or may already be) held securely in our SAFE Storage. Contact us for more information.







If you have an existing Will, is it accurate and up to date? Updating or altering your Will so that it properly reflects your current circumstances is so important. Often times an old Will may not adequately deal with the current situation of your family or your estate.

Without an accurate and up to date Will in place, everything you worked for may not go where you intended. Parents may have children with acute financial problems or who are going through personal relationship matters. Relationships can also break down with spouses. When circumstances change, it’s time to update your Will.

We recommended you revisit your Will at least every five years.

We make updating your Will easy. Contact us to make a time to discuss updating your Will for you, on 1300 ADS LAW, or click on the link below to email us.



The question is often posed “Do I need a Will?” This can be a common question asked by many young people, single people and those who believe they have limited assets. It is important that everyone, no matter what their individual circumstances, should spend time with a lawyer making an accurate and up-to-date Will.

Most people don’t realise that even within their normal superannuation fund, they have several hundred thousand dollars in superannuation life insurance. This is a significant asset that most people will not have considered how they want it dealt with after they pass away.

Not having a Will could mean any assets you do have are held by the Public Trustee while your Estate is dealt with. This can put a significant delay in administering your Estate after you pass away and worse still, may result in your Estate passing to relatives whom you did not intend to benefit from your Estate.

Making a Will is a fairly easy process and one you should definitely spend the time to do, and do right.

Whether you would like to alter an Existing Will or set up a new Will, A.D.S. Law can provide a free 15-minute Will consultation in our Stafford offices on Brisbane’s Northside.

This will help you understand what’s going to be involved in making your Will.

Our free 15-minute Will Consultation involves sitting down with one of our lawyers, who will determine how simple or complex your Estate is, and from there determine what kind of Will is best going to suit your circumstances.

Contact us on 1300 ADS LAW or visit our link below.



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