Privacy and document destruction

Here’s an example of why you may need help to understand your business’ privacy obligations

On the way home last night I saw a box of torn manila folders strewn across Annerley Road, and immediately my thoughts were to what information is contained within these files. Curiosity got the better of me, so I started to pick up and read some of the files, the information was interesting to say the least. The business, which won’t be named, had disposed of client insurance claim details and the files, in easily readable form (three tears in a folder) were everywhere, names, addresses, insurance and bank information, the lot.

After a phone call to the business there was someone at my front door within 10 minutes panicked at the prospect of what had gone wrong.

The disposal of confidential and protected information is something that is a risk for all businesses, it is not good enough to simply put the information in the bin and hope for the best. Steps need to be taken to ensure that the information that you dispose of, is properly destroyed.

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