Is Your Will Up-To-Date?

It’s Okay To Be A Bit Worried & These Troubling COVID-19 Times

You Need To Be Thinking About YOU & YOUR Family…

So, I need to ask you a potentially disturbing question because this very concerning issue was raised by my team in our CoronaVirus meeting yesterday morning…

Before I get to that (and I will in just a second), I need to pre-frame and let you know that while I’ll be asking YOU this question, no matter what you answer, it won’t affect you, but if

you have someone special in your life?

you have kids?

you have people that depend on you?

Then ask yourself,

“What happens to them if you are one of the estimated 15,000 to 50,000 Aussies that won’t make it through this outbreak?”

I’m talking about your Will!

Call ADS LAW (my other Law Firm) on 1300 ADS LAW (07 3088 3777) Now to book in to get your Legal Will prepared or updated Now

Did you know you need to update your Will when:

you get married

you get divorced

you buy a home

you have kids

your kids get married

your kids get divorced

or any other major life event

Did you know that if you hold a property as Tenants-In-Common, that you MUST have a current Will, or the Public Trustee gets to decide what happens to your half of the property – It could mean a stranger buys your half of your home as the Government can decide how to dispose of it…  

If you die without a valid will, You Die Intestate.

That could see a stranger owning half of your home.

Did you know that your Superannuation’s death benefit won’t automatically go to your spouse? And if it does but not through your estate, that there may be a huge tax liability attached to the payout?

If you don’t have a Binding Nomination, the trustee of your super fund effectively gets to decide where and how to pay the death benefit – and this Binding Nomination may need to be updated every two years.

Call ADS LAW Now (my other Law Firm) on 1300 ADS LAW (07 3088 3777) to book in to get your Will done or updated

Recently, we got a phone call from one of Patrick’s previous clients (from many years ago) asking if Patrick knew where the client’s Nana’s Will was.

Unfortunately, Patrick didn’t work for us way back then, and all he could do was to direct the client to call the previous firm.

Why is that an issue?

Well, even if you have a Will, it MUST be easy to find, and that’s where we come in…

Because this CoronaVirus is so bloody unsettling for so many people, I decided to stand up and help you out.

I want to help you get your family protected, and the best way I can do that is:

Have my Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers (ADS LAW) prepare or update your Standard Will (for just $595)

We will also provide you with our very simple and very effective Will Location System, to make sure your family always knows that your Will is securely stored in our Safe Custody [A HUGE DEDICATED SAFE, SPECIFICALLY FOR OUR CLIENTS WILLS] for an unlimited amount of time, and at no additional Charge when we prepare or update your Will.

To make sure you and your family are properly protected, I will also include at no additional charge:

Your Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPOA) (in case when you’re sick, you lose capacity to make decisions) (Valued at $595)

Your Advance Health Directive (AHD) (So YOU decide in advance whether you want to receive life-sustaining measures—such as tube feeding or resuscitation—to prolong your life etc) (Valued at $195)

Your Binding Nomination Super Fund (SBN) instructions to ensure your wishes are understood and carried out. (Valued at $195)

That’s an incredible $1580 in total value for just $595 – but there IS a Catch…

It must all be done at the same time, because that’s the only way we can keep our costs down to help as many people as we possibly can.

No one know’s how bad this COVID-19 thing will really get, and if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have an up-to-date Will and if you have a family, you’re probably starting to think this is probably an opportunity you should grab with both hands because there are only a limited number of slots I can deliver at this price.

On average, it takes about two, to two and a half hours of actual work to prepare your standard will.

And it usually takes approx 90 minutes to prepare an Enduring Power Of Attorney.

Those two alone make up 4 solid hours of work, (not to mention the Advance Health Directive and the Super Fund Binding Nomination),

And at Patrick’s hourly rate of $660 per hour as the Senior Partner, the regular fee of $1580 is already discounted from $2640 –

So even with the help of his team of Lawyers and Paralegals (They’ll help out to keep the costs down, but Patrick checks and signs off on every Will before it goes out to you),

There is still only so much that can be done, so I hope you understand when I say that we have to limit the numbers of people this will be available to. That makes sense doesn’t it?

So seriously, call my team at ADS LAW now on 07 3088 3777 and see if we have any places left to book you in (Via Skype, Zoom, Hereby etc) to get your Standard Will updated or prepared from scratch at this incredibly low price of just $595, no matter where you are in Australia…

You know your family needs to be protected in case the worst happens to you, and you deserve to know it’s done exactly how you want, and done properly, and very quickly.

How the WILL process will work:

You call 07 3088 3777 and book in and place $595 in our Trust Account

You will complete a simple initial online questionnaire with the basic details.

Our very experienced team will colate your data and start to prepare your Will.

You get to explain your wishes and speak one on one (vis Skype etc).

Once you have explained everything and asked as many questions as you like, once you fully understand everything, you will receive your DRAFT WILL.

You get to check it to make sure it is a true reflection of your wishes in not only your Will, but also in your EHD (also known as your ‘Living Will’), and in your EPOA.

You get to make changes and once you’re happy and your changes finalised.

You get the Original Will (and EPOA, AHD & SBN) posted out to you for signing in front of a JP etc.

You return the signed and witnessed documents to ADS LAW

We will make copies for you and store what needs to be stored in our secure storage

We’ll send you your copy of the signed and witnessed and bound documents

We’ll send you instructions on what to do next and how to make sure your family knows, not the content of your Will, but where to find the Will and EPOA and AHD etc in the event of you getting seriously ill or heaven forbid, you passing away.

Then we schedule you in for a quick chat every 12 months to check in and see if anything has changed that may need to be noted in your Will.

Normally the DRAFT WILL will be completed within 7 days of you providing your info and wishes. You then confirm, we get the Final Will back to you for signing and Witnessing, and it could all be done in just a couple of weeks, but may take longer, depending on the complexity of your situation etc.

Call our Senior Partner Patrick Earl on 07 3088 3777 (or 1300 ADS LAW) now to make sure you get one of the limited spots available at the unbelievably low price of just $595 for more than $2600 worth of legal work in getting your Standard Will, EPOA, AHD, and SBN done and dusted in the next couple of weeks!

With warmest regards and best wishes in this difficult and uncertain time

MyCRA Lawyers and 

Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers

Graham Doessel

Chief Executive Officer