Is a letter enough?

Debt collection and chasing your debtors can be a funny process, often times a letter from a third party, being a law firm, can be enough to get a debtor to follow up or return a phone call.

Chasing up debts can be the most stressful element of running a small business, for many small business owners it goes into the too hard basket, by the time that you get around to it, the opportunity is lost, chances are the money is unrecoverable. Trying to keep a customer relationship when they are already behind in their payments is often not the best approach, some business owners get trapped in the idea that the future sales are worth not chasing their debts, but the costs to the business can be substantial.

We have found that often times a well drafted letter can be enough to get your clients back on track. Often times it is the circuit breaker for them to understand that you’re in business, just like them and debts need to be paid on time.

We have a standard pricing approach for small businesses wanting to chase their debts. Contact us on 1300 ADS LAW for more details and let us do the heavy lifting.