There Are Some Things You Can Do Yourself, But Sometimes It’s Better To Get Professional LEGAL Help…

Here’s The Top Five Reasons You’ll Want A Lawyer With You When You Find Yourself Needing To Go To Court…

1.)  Lawyers Know What They Are Doing At Court

working togetherA lawyer will know what the system, processes, and procedures for the court are.

Your lawyer can help you prepare for the court day, from simple advice as to what to wear, through to what to say to the judge.


2.)  First Impressions Really Do Matter

If you appear with a lawyer with you, it says to the court that you take the matter seriously.

Which do you think makes a better impression:

  • Turning up to court dressed appropriately, acting correctly and with the lawyer speaking to the court about the matters that are important; or
  • someone who wears a singlet and thongs, mumbles (or worse swears) and isn’t prepared to answer the questions the judge needs to know so the court can’t get the information that it needs in order to make a decision most favourable to them?

You should, therefore, make an effort with your appearance, and your lawyer can give advice about what to wear and how to behave on the day.


3.)  Going To Court Can Be Quite Stressful (Even For Lawyers)

Patrick Earle
Patrick Earl – Senior Solicitor
Family Law & Commercial Litigation

If you have a lawyer with you they can speak on your behalf. It can be very intimidating in court and hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. A lawyer will know not only what to say but also know what to expect the court or other people will say.

There is an advantage in having Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers appear for you (even on something as simple as a traffic matter). We will be able to present your circumstances in a clear and calm fashion because we won’t be as affected by nerves as you might be.



4.)  Lawyers Know What To Say

It is very common for our clients to say to our lawyers after they’ve been to court that they appreciated not having to do all the talking because they were nervous and our lawyers were better able to set things out logically for the Judge.
Lawyers will know what to say but also when to stop talking and whether or not certain things will probably do more harm than good if they were said.  It’s very common for people to feel that they have to try and say everything for the judge but our lawyers will know the areas that are relevant for the judge to consider and those that are not.

It is unlikely that any judge wants to impose more than the appropriate penalty however they need to be given the information necessary to enable them to impose an appropriate penalty. If you don’t tell them (or your lawyer doesn’t tell them) then that information won’t be available to assist the court.

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5.)  Family Law Matters – And The Emotional Challenges

If you are involved in a Family Law matter (or any matter that requires negotiation with the other party) then our lawyers can help you by bringing “professional distance” between you and the other party.

Dignified Divorces
Dignified Divorces

It is very difficult in matters that are deeply personal to you or which you have strong feelings about, to be able to dig down into the core of the matter and ignore the fear, anxiety, anger and distrust that have come between you and the other party.

Our lawyers are able to help with negotiation by keeping you on task and drilling down through the layers of concern to find the areas where there might be a way forward out of the problem that will improve the situation for everybody.

It is important to understand that the lawyer, not being your friend or family, doesn’t have the same level of emotional investment in the issue that everybody else has and can try to focus on moving the matter forward and helping take you with them.

Our lawyers are able to discuss options with the other party and when necessary to put your concerns to the other side in language and in a manner best able to focus on resolving the dispute. Our lawyers can work past the irritating behaviours of the other party to keep the focus on what is important for the future.

Going to court is very emotionally challenging for people and having someone able to not only listen to you but to also see a way forward and through the immediate challenges, is very useful not only for you but also for the negotiation process itself and also for helping the court resolve problems.