If You’ve Got To Go Court And Don’t Have A Lawyer Yet, What We’re About To Share with You Is Very Important!


“Going To Court Without A Lawyer Is Like Trying To Drive On The Highway Without A Steering Wheel”


Here are The “Top Five Reasons Why You Really Need A Lawyer When You Go To Court” And What Can Happen (and has happened) If You RISK “Going It Alone.”

  1. Your Lawyer Knows How The Court System ‘Really’ Works
    1. Where do you go
    2. What do you do
    3. What do you wear
    4. Is your personal security a worry
    5. How do you find the court room
  2. Your Lawyer Knows What To Say, How To Say It And Most Importantly, What NOT To Say.
    1. Who do you talk to
    2. How do you talk to them
    3. How do you address them (Your Honour, Your Worship, Sir???)
    4. Too Much, Too Little
    5. The right or wrong impression
  3. Your Lawyer Can Help You With What You Should Do, And What You Shouldn’t Do, Before, During, And After The Court Case.
    1. What do you need to prepare
    2. What will the Judge think is important
    3. How much is too much
    4. I was only trying to help…
    5. What do I do now
  4. Your lawyer Can Fight Your Fight For You, So You Can Avoid The Confrontation.
    1. He/she frustrates the heck out of me
    2. I feel like I’m being railroaded
    3. I can’t even look at him/her
    4. If only I hadn’t lost my temper
    5. My Lawyer isn’t as emotional as me and will just stick to the facts
  5. You Won’t Get Embarrassed Because Your Lawyer Will Remember To Say The Important Things That Need To Be Said.
    1. Damn, I wish I’d said…
    2. When I’m stressed, I can’t think straight
    3. I can’t get my words out right
    4. Thank goodness my Lawyer uses proven systems
    5. My Lawyer does this for a living and is very good at it

Different Judges emphasise different things and having a Lawyer in your corner can be the difference between the great outcome you want and need, and [maybe] the most horrible results your are too scared to imagine…

What’s The Best, And What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

  1. If you listen, learn and use the actions we’re going to recommend, you’re going to reach your goals more, you’re going to achieve more of the things you want to achieve and you’re going to get more of what you want in life.
    1. If you don’t do the things we’re going to show you and you don’t take the actions we’re going to recommend, you’re going to fail more and you’re going to not get what you want.
  2. If you do the things that we’re going to show you and you take the action steps that we’re going to recommend, people will know your value, you’ll feel you’ve really been heard, and you’ll be shown the respect you deserve.
    1. If you don’t do the things that we’re recommending, and that we’re teaching you right now, and don’t take the action steps that you’re learning, people are going to reject you, they’re not going to want to be around you, they may not even want to know your name.
  3. If you do the things that we’re about to teach you, and you take the actions steps we’re going to recommend, you’ll have more power in life, you’ll have more control, you’ll have more influence with others and you’ll be able to direct yourself and other people.
    1. If you don’t do what we’re going to say, if you don’t use this information, if you don’t take these action steps, you’re going to lose power, you’re going to become insignificant, no one’s going to care who you are and you’re not going to be able to run your own life.

If you think you might like to have a quick, no obligation chat with a lawyer that can help you, pick up the phone right now and call 1300 ADS LAW (or 07 3088 3777) and ask about going to court today!

“Remember, you don’t need a Lawyer, just like you don’t need petrol for your car…”